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Back Pain in the South African Workforce: Corporate Wellness Week 1-7 July 2019


According to a study by Corporate Absenteeism Management Solutions back pain and back symptom, complaints are the second-leading reason for sick leave in South Africa. The average person is said to sit between eight and fifteen hours a day. When one thinks about how employees often slump behind their desks on an inadequately supported chair, it is easy to see that poor posture is one of the leading causes of backache.

Sitting for long periods decreases the lordosis (hollow) in your lower back and allows it to round and sag into flexion. This will place forward pressure on the discs and produce stiffness and backache.

The level of back complaints in the South African workforce is worrying. Factory workers operating heavy machinery are obvious candidates for back trouble, but office workers sitting on chairs that offer little support are also at high risk of developing back problems.

Companies need to look at ways to help employees by providing them with chairs that offer the correct support and an education program on exercising to strengthen back muscles for good back health.

Corporate wellness Week is a good time to assess the ergonomics of the office chairs. You can start by taking the 90-Second Seat Check by Dauphin.

In an ideal world, every employee would have an ergonomic chair specifically suited to their needs. But the reality is that most companies are unable to accommodate that kind of capital outlay.

Entap offers affordable orthopedic cushions to use on an existing chair. This support will hold the back in gentle extension instead of allowing the spine to be in flexion.

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