Slim Back Support Cushion


  • Firm and compact to keep you sitting upright for longer
  • Perfect for Car Seats, Office Chairs and other situations where a healthy posture is required to help you focus and be more productive
  • Orthopaedic, contoured design that hugs your back, helping you keep your spine in proper alignment.
  • Express 2-3 working day shipping anywhere in South Africa. (?)
  • We stand behind our product. If your back doesn’t feel better using this cushion, we’ll give you a full refund. (?)
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The Slim – Back Support Cushion, made from high-quality foam, is moulded into the correct shape to support your lower and upper back.

The Slim is slightly more compact and reasonably firm compared to the Extra. The Slim is, therefore, the perfect back support cushion for car seats or office chairs. This cushion will keep you upright, alert and productive throughout the day, while helping you maintain proper spine alignment while reducing back pain and muscle fatigue.

The cushion comes in 4 standard colours (Black, Burgundy, Brown, Navy) although custom design requests are available. This Cushion also has a NAPPI Code which enables you to apply for reimbursement from a medical aid scheme.

Slim Back Support Cushion Benefits?

When sitting for extended periods of time in an upright position it is extremely common for the lower back to round and put the spine in a compromised position. Sitting with your lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine all in alignment is important for spinal and postural health. A well-designed back cushion such as the Slim Back Support Cushion supports the lordotic curve of the lumbar region of the spine which allows you to sit in the proper alignment. Therefore, reducing the stress on your muscles and ligaments and improving your posture while reducing back fatigue.

People suffering from a herniated disk, sciatica or other forms of upper-back pain can also benefit from using a well designed back cushion such as the Back-Eeze™ Slim.

Back-Eeze™ Slim recommended uses:

This back support cushion is perfect for those who need to remain focused while spending long hours sitting such as in the office, car, at a desk and so on.

  • Lumbar support for office chairs
  • Lumbar support for car seats
  • Desk chair lumbar support

Comfort and Customization:

The Slim is protected by a luxury pure cotton cover which is zipped for easy removal, and making washing a breeze. The outer cover comes in 4 standard colours (Black, Burgundy, Brown, Navy) although custom designs requests are violable. To inquire about custom designs please use the Custom Orders Form or the product inquiry button above.

Portable and Resilient:

The Slim comes ready with a convenient carry handle, making it easy to take and use anywhere. Ideal for offering you lumbar support for your car seat during long drives, or your office chair during long days at work.

The Slim Back Support Cushion is built to last. Moulded from high-quality foam, ENTAP is happy to offer a full one-year guarantee on all back support cushions. If you are unsatisfied with your Back-Eeze™ product, send it back to us, and we will provide you with a full refund. (Read more about refunds)


Back-Eeze™ Slim – Back Support Cushion Specifications:

  • Length: 32.5cm
  • Width: 36.5cm
  • Height: 7.5cm

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