Simple Stretches For Increased Productivity And Reduced Pain

12 Simple Stretches For Increased Productivity And Reduced Pain

Long days at the office?

We all know how detrimental prolonged hours of sitting in front of a computer can be for our posture. We also know that poor posture is more likely to lead to back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, … you get the picture.


12 Simple stretches

This beautifully designed infographic demonstrates 12 super simple stretches you can perform at your desk, in the office, or anywhere you want.
The best part is that it only takes 15 minutes. That’s right. 15 minutes.


Not enough time?

What’s that you say? Don’t you have 15 minutes? That’s OKAY!
You don’t have to do all these stretches at the same time. You can space them apart throughout the day when you have a minute or two of free time.
And for ultimate time efficiency you can even start directly incorporating these stretches into your everyday activities.
For example, you can perform the wrist stretch while reading your e-mail. Or the neck stretch while talking on the phone. The possibilities are endless. Get creative with it.


Remember –

Take care of your body, and it’s going to take care of you. Resulting in higher levels of focus and energy and ultimately more productivity throughout the day.


12 Simple Stretches to Increase Productivity and Reduced Pain
12 Simple Stretches to Increase Productivity and Reduce Pain – via – Click the image for full size


Benefits of Stretching:

  • Improves comfort
  • Controls postural fatigue
  • Increases range of motion
  • Warms and prepares muscles
  • Reduces sprain-strain injury risks
  • Decreases fatigue related to physical exertion
  • Reduces internal friction and stiffness in muscles, tendon joints and ligaments


There you have it.
Happy Stretching.

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